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Student Testimonials

Katie Damiano

“The Erickson School has provided me with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform my role as Human Resources Director in the long term care industry. The staff and faculty at the Erickson School were always there to answer any questions as well as offer guidance. Their lectures were coupled with real life experiences from their own roles in this industry; without these lectures I would not be where I am today. The Erickson School is by far the most exceptional program at UMBC. I am honored to be an Erickson School graduate!”

Katie Damiano, MBA
HR Director
Lorien Columbia Nursing and Rehabilitation Center


Kevin Goedeke with his team Kevin Goedeke

“The Erickson School made it their goal to help us reach our goals, even after graduation. I’m very fortunate that my education prepared me for the career path that I’m on. Being an administrator, you’re running an organization. You’re responsible for the business. The management skills and entrepreneurial style I gleaned in the program has been very helpful.”

Kevin Goedeke
Associate Executive Director
Oak Crest Village – Erickson Living


“The Erickson School paved the way for my academic success, which provided the necessary guidance to achieve my career goals. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Health Administration and Policy with a minor in Management of Aging Services from UMBC. As an undergraduate, I had the privilege to work alongside Galina Madjaroff (Undergraduate Program Director) as a Research Assistant, and engaged in valuable hands-on experience with the aging population in Maryland.

I am now applying the rich curriculum and my research experience that the MAgS program provided, and am currently working at the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services as a Senior Program Coordinator. I am currently developing a program that will enhance the breadth and depth of senior health data, and enable accessibility to senior health services in Montgomery County.

The job aligns well with what I had studied at UMBC, because the program that I will be making will be impacting the senior citizens in Montgomery County. I am excited to make a difference in my community.”

Hyewon Lee
Senior Program Coordinator
Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services