Management of Dementia Care Services

Program Objectives

Upon completion, learners will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of dementia that incorporates the implications for individuals, families, care providers, practice and policy, and society.
  • develop a multi and interdisciplinary understanding of dementia and approaches to dementia care.
  • identify current and innovative models of care and support for those living with dementia.
  • apply the philosophy and principles of person-centered care to leadership in dementia care practices and services.

Who should enroll?

The target audience for the certificate program is current and developing practitioners in dementia services organizations and other related fields interested in career advancement, change leadership, and entrepreneurship, as well as career changers.


  • AGNG 600: Social & Economic Context of Aging
  • AGNG 620: An Overview of Dementia & Dementia Care Services
  • AGNG 621: Policy Foundations in Dementia Care Services
  • AGNG 622: Leadership & Innovation in Dementia Care Services

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