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Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts in Management of Aging Services

Q. What do public policy, healthcare management, law, financial services, real estate, consumer technology, and product design all have in common?
A. Unprecedented career opportunities within Aging Services!

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Undergraduate Class of 2015

Class of 2015: (L to R) Jenny Guo, Kathleen Greaney, Taylor Bennett, Janet Padua, Ami Bowers, Alfonso Delaney

Message from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Galina Madjaroff Headshot

Thank you for stopping by the Management of Aging Services Undergraduate (MAgS) portal! You are one step closer to changing aging!

Our unique undergraduate major and minor offer students the rare opportunity to experience interdisciplinary learning, think critically, and solve real world problems. Through engaging and lively class discussions, team learning, and relevant technology and media, students are able to focus on complex demographic issues that are facing older adults and themselves today and in the future.

With our rich curriculum, students acquire hands-on experience and apply it to their future careers. Through the MAgS Council of Majors, hands-on internships, research opportunities in the field of aging and technology, health and wellness, management and entrepreneurship, career and networking events, students are provided exciting opportunities to stay engaged and succeed no matter what avenues they choose to pursue.

Aging is relevant to so many fields. Here at the Erickson School for Management of Aging Services- we have found a way to make aging even more relevant: Emphasize opportunity!

Galina Madjaroff
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Clinical Associate Professor