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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
UMBC campuses are closed, but courses are now online and employees are working remotely.

Curriculum and Schedule


The program requires 36 credits. New electives are always being added.
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CORE (30 credits)

  • AGNG 600: Social and Economic Context of Aging (OL)*
  • AGNG 604: Policy Foundations of Aging Services (OL)*
  • AGNG 610: Leadership, Management and Organizations I
  • AGNG 611: Leadership, Management and Organizations II (OL)*
  • AGNG 612: Finance and Accounting (OL)*
  • AGNG 624: Strategy, Marketing, and Service Delivery in Aging Services
  • AGNG 625: Research and Presenting Information (H)
  • AGNG 632: Diversity in Management of Aging Services (OL)
  • AGNG 638: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Design I
  • AGNG 639: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Design II
  • AGNG 662: Correlation and Review – Capstone (H)

ELECTIVES (choose 6 credits)

  • AGNG 620: An Overview of Dementia & Dementia Care Services (OL)
  • AGNG 621: Policy Foundations in Dementia Care Services (OL)
  • AGNG 630: Fundamentals of Seniors’ Housing & Care (H)
  • AGNG 640: Design, Think, Technology, Environmental Design (OL)
  • AGNG 643: Laws, Ethics, Longevity
  • AGNG 645: Mental Wellness in Aging (OL)
  • AGNG 698: Special Topics in Aging Services (OL)

OL denotes online instruction, H denotes hybrid
* Courses within the PBC in Principles in Management of Aging Services

Grad Student Teaching