Career Center Resources

There are many resources in the Career Center that help students on their path to a degree. Check the Career Center Calendar for upcoming recruiting and career events.

Learn About Yourself

Explore who you are as a scholar and learn where your strengths are. The Career Center offers several assessments to help you determine what type of career best suits who you are:

More available assessments, and the steps to take those assessments, can be found on the Career Center Assessment page. The center provides an explanation about each test and, once the test is completed, the Career Center’s Specialists are more than ready to help you interpret your results and guide you as you make career decisions. Workshops that offer guidance on how to determine your strengths are also available. Schedule your appointment today!

Career Development Counseling/Advising

It is recommended that after you take one of the available assessments, that you make an appointment at the Career Center with a specialist to discuss your career options. Career decision appointments are 60min sessions and cover topics such as:

  • Choosing a major
  • Career transition/change
  • Career decision-making
  • Resume review for undecided majors
  • Reviewing the results of your career assessment

Appointments for the center can be scheduled online through UMBCworks, in person (MATH/PSYCH 212), on by phone (410-455-2216).

You can also contact your advisor or Director, Internship Program, Dr. Robin Majeski, to discuss careers in Management of Aging Services.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Resumes and a cover letter are your first chance to make a good impression on a potential employer. The Career Center provides helpful information on getting your documents in order, and looking professional, before sending them out.

Networking: Develop Your Professional Network

Build your personal connections and recommendations by interacting with the students and staff in your department. You will build close relationships with your peers, but you will also benefit by learning about potential jobs/employers, getting good recommendations from faculty, and you getting your foot in the door with a potential employer because you’re well known. One of the best places you can start is by building relationships with your Erickson School seniors and alumni. Here are some resources to help you better your networking skills:

Other Resources