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The mission of the Erickson School is to prepare students to assume leadership roles and launch successful, rewarding careers that will address the demands of an aging society.  The School believes that a critical component of each student’s undergraduate work is to complete a highly coordinated program of learning in a professional setting.

In conjunction with The UMBC Career Center, The Erickson School strives to place students in internship positions at a wide variety of aging services organizations that allow them to gain real-world experience, test their preferred career path for fit, integrate classroom learning in a practical manner, and take advantage of the Erickson School’s extensive network of organizations and affiliates.

Internship Requirements

  • All students must attend an in class seminar.
  • The internship can be taken during one semester (AGNG 460) while earning a total of 6 credit hours *(3 credit hours, effective Spring 2017).
  • Required to work approximately 14-15 hours a week for the duration of the semester. Students who wish to take the internship in two-semesters will initially enroll in AGNG 462, followed by enrolling in AGNG 463 the following semester, each time earning 3 credit hours.
  • Enrollment in the internship takes place when students achieve junior status “in good standing” in the university and have successfully completed at least 15 credits of the required courses (core or elective) with a grade point average of 2.5 or better.
  • The processes to apply for the internship and the rules governing it are detailed in the Erickson School’s Internship Program Manual.
  • The timetable for application begins a full semester (at minimum) prior to the initiation of the internship semester.
  • The purposes of the internship are:
    • Testing students’ presumed career path for “fit”
    • Applying classroom skills and knowledge to real circumstances and constraints
    • Engaging with older adults, professionals, regulators and policy-makers
    • Honing skills and performance with supervision and feedback
  • Oversight of the internship will be guided by an on-site supervisor in the host setting for the internship and through the UMBC faculty member supervising the related seminar class.
  • Students should be proactive in contacting their advisors when they plan to pursue the internship to begin the process and receive the manual.

Schedule an advising appointment today!
Please Contact: Dr. Robin Majeski
Clinic Asst Prof., Program Director

of Maryland
Atrium Village
Atrium Village
Baltimore City
Health Department
Baltimore Health Department

Baltimore County
Department of Aging
Baltimore County Dept of Aging
Baywoods of Annapolis
Baywoods of Annapolis
Bello Machre

Brightview Senior Living/
The Shelter Group
Brightview Senior Living
Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid Services (CMS)
Cognitive Solutions/
Splaine Consulting
Cognitive Solutions

Comprehensive Housing
Assistance, Inc.
Edenton Retirement Community
Erickson Living

Keswick Multi-Care Center
Department of Aging
MD Department of Aging
Maryland Legal Aid
MD Legal Aid

Meals on Wheels
of Central Maryland
meals On Wheels
Montgomery County Aging
& Disability Services
Montgomery County Seal
National Center on
Creative Aging

Pickersgill Retirement Community
Pickersgill Retirement
Roland Park Place
Roland Park Place
Shattuck Family
Internship Program
Alex Brown Center

Sunrise Senior Living
Sunrise Senior Living
Village at Rockville
Village At Rockville