40 @ 4 Webinar Series

UMBC’s Erickson School of Aging invites you to its webinar series in the Longevity Economy. The 40 @ 4 is designed for busy individuals by packing a 40-minute webinar with innovative material designed to expand your awareness of growing opportunities in the competitive longevity economy market. Engage with world-renowned speakers.

Over the past decade, the longevity economic sector has seen extensive growth resulting in expanding career opportunities, investment, and product possibilities. Still, the economy’s substantial growth, size, and import went unrecognized and underappreciated by many in the investment and business domain. For the United States, the longevity economy’s economic power is currently estimated to be nearly $8 billion yearly. For 2020, those 60 and older global spending power was estimated to be 15 – trillion. The global economic power of the 1.6 billion individuals (in 2015), ages 50 and older propelling the longevity economy is expected to double by 2050, driven by demographics and higher education (Oxford Economics, 2019). Appreciating the longevity economy as the sum of all individuals’ direct and indirect economic activity, powered by their tastes and needs for the products and services, provides limitless opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors. For a comprehensive literacy foundation, consumers and businesses need a clear understanding of the longevity economy’s potential power and opportunities for a broad literacy background.


The Erickson School is thankful to the American Institute of Financial Gerontology (AIFG) for its sponsorship of the Spring 2021 40 @ 4 Webinar Series. For nearly two decades, AIFG has provided innovative curriculum to financial and non-financial professionals.