Meldrena Chapin, PhD, FMii, SEED, WELL AP

Meldrena Chapin, Ph.D.

Meldrena Chapin, Ph.D. has been researching innovative elderly care since the 1990s. Her research focuses upon environments for aging, the culture change movement, and the organizations that lead transformative eldercare. Dr. Chapin is the author of Creating Innovative Places: Organizational and Architectural Case Studies of the Culture Change Movement in Long Term Care.

As a professor, Dr. Chapin has taught undergraduate and graduate classes on environmental psychology, design research methods, evidence-based design, healthcare design, design for aging, culturally-sensitive design, innovation and design thinking. Dr. Chapin’s approach focuses on a systemic/humanistic perspective aimed at creating environments responsive to user’s needs. Dr. Chapin has served as an educator with the Gerontology Department at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the Interior Design Departments at SCAD and the Art Institute of Atlanta. Currently Dr. Chapin teaches art and environment-related aging courses at the Erickson School of Aging Studies at UMBC.

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