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pdf icon Minor Checklist
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An 18 credit undergraduate minor in Management of Aging Services to include the following curriculum, chosen in consultation with the Major’s advisor.  Erickson School faculty will be available for consultation and advice.

Core Courses (6 credits)
AGNG 100 So You Say You Want a Revolution: How Boomers are Revolutionizing Aging [3]
AGNG 200 Aging, People, Policy & Management [3] (Writing Intensive)

Electives (12 credits):

Students must choose two 300-level courses and two 400-level courses from the list below. Courses must be approved by a MAgS advisor prior to registration.

Policy Courses
AGNG 300 Introduction to Policy and Aging Services [3]
Management Courses
AGNG 310 Introduction to the Management of Aging Services [3]
​Health and Wellness Courses​
AGNG 320 Strength-Based Approaches to Promoting Health and Wellness in the Aging Services [3]
Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship Courses​
AGNG 351 Business Decision Making for Aging Services [3]
AGNG 361 Technology for Managers in Aging Services [3]

​Critical issues in aging courses​
AGNG 401 Critical Issues in Management of Aging Services [3]
AGNG 415 The Art of Aging [3] (Writing Intensive)
AGNG 440 Diversity in Aging Services [3]
AGNG 460 Internship in Aging Services [3]
AGNG 462 Internship in Aging Services II [3]
AGNG 470 Aging Services Management: Capstone Seminar [3]


Other electives must be discussed with the student’s minor advisor.