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For students who are able to take on fewer courses, a minor in Aging is the perfect companion to any degree path. Our 18 credit minor include the following curriculum.

Core Courses (6 credits)
AGNG 100 So You Say You Want a Revolution: How Boomers are Revolutionizing Aging [3]
AGNG 200 Aging, People, Policy & Management [3] (Writing Intensive)

Electives (12 credits):

Students must choose two 300-level courses and two 400-level courses from the list below. Courses must be approved by a MAgS advisor prior to registration.

Policy Courses
AGNG 300 Introduction to Policy and Aging Services [3]
Management Courses
AGNG 310 Introduction to the Management of Aging Services [3]
​Health and Wellness Courses​
AGNG 320 Strength-Based Approaches to Promoting Health and Wellness in the Aging Services [3]
Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship Courses​
AGNG 351 Business Decision Making for Aging Services [3]
AGNG 361 Technology for Managers in Aging Services [3]
AGNG 389
​Critical issues in aging courses​
AGNG 401 Critical Issues in Management of Aging Services [3]
AGNG 415 The Art of Aging [3] (Writing Intensive)
AGNG 440 Diversity in Aging Services [3]
AGNG 460 Internship in Aging Services [3]
AGNG 462 Internship in Aging Services II [3]
AGNG 470 Aging Services Management: Capstone Seminar [3]


Other electives must be discussed with the student’s minor advisor.