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Myths of Human Aging:

A Geriatric Syndromes Approach

Sanibel Harbour

January 6-7, 2014
Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort and Spa
Fort Myers, Florida


Many older adults, no matter whether they live at home or in care settings, develop health conditions called geriatric syndromes, which are not part of normal aging. These syndromes, which include delirium, depression, dementia, falls, incontinence, pressure ulcers and frailty, usually have more than one cause, affect many parts of the body, and result in significant functional decline. The result is that more care is needed and quality of life is diminished.

Learn from world-renowned experts:

  • How normal aging differs from geriatric syndromes
  • What the risk factors and current best practice treatment  modalities are
  • How an interdisciplinary approach to preventing and treating these conditions mobilizes integrated care resources for better outcomes and improved business results
  • Why maximizing independence and prevention of geriatric syndromes are NOT incompatible goals
  • The advantages gained when maximizing independence AND preventing geriatric syndromes are a joint goal of management and clinician directorship, and why your organization should establish these goals