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Kim Campbell

Keynote Speaker: Kim Campbell

Kim Campbell

Kim Campbell discusses life with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Wife of legendary musician Glen Campbell, Kim speaks at the keynote session of the Erickson School’s Memory Care Summit 2015, in Captiva, Florida, in January. Kim set the stage for this annual conference of leaders on the topic of memory care in senior living by discussing the family’s challenges, their struggles, and their journey of discovery and moments of joy along the way. Ms. Campbell became an active participant in the conversation about the future of memory care and services, with more than 120 leaders from all over the country.

In February, Glen Campbell’s song, “I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” won a Grammy for Best Country Song, and the movie “I’ll Be Me,” released in the fall and describing the family’s journey with Glen and his Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis, is nominated for an Academy Award in the original song category.

Below are a few moments with Kim from the event.