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Galina Madjaroff, Ph.D.

Galina Madjaroff Headshot

Galina Madjaroff is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and a Clinical Associate Professor at the Erickson School. Her duties include administrative and leadership responsibility for the undergraduate and graduate degree-granting programs, supervision of teaching assistants, coordination with all full and part-time faculty, course scheduling, scholarship programs and serving on the key committees at the University that help the Erickson School fulfill our role as a member of the academic and service community at UMBC.

Upon completing her Master’s degree in Management of Aging Services, Professor Madjaroff pursued a Doctorate in Information Systems with a concentration in Human-Centered Computing. Galina’s research focuses on improving the lives of older persons through the use of accessible technology as well as alleviating privacy and security concerns online for older persons. Her most recent work focused on alleviating caregiver and care recipient burden after the onset of cognitive impairment through the use of the Amazon Echo “Alexa” intelligent agent.

Professor Madjaroff has presented her research at venues around the country and internationally, as well as consulted with technology companies on the design of new devices for older persons. She has published on various topics including Person-Centered Technology and Quality of Life, Narratives of Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Their Caregivers and Supporting Caregivers and Care Recipients after the Onset of Cognitive Impairment with Home Based Technology.

Most recently Professor Madjaroff was awarded a three-year National Science Foundation Grant to explore Negotiating Cyber Systems Access for Older Adults with Mild Neurocognitive Disorder.

Professor Madjaroff can be contacted at

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