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Galina Madjaroff, M.A.

Galina Madjaroff Headshot

When Galina Madjaroff was pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Biology and Creative Writing at UMBC, the Erickson School was just an idea taking shape.

Galina Madjaroff Reitz is a Clinical Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Program Director at the Erickson School at UMBC. Upon completing her Masters degree in Management of Aging Services she pursued a Doctorate in the Information Systems department with a concentration in Human Centered Computing. Galina’s research interests lie in improving the lives of older adults through the use of ubiquitous computing and improving privacy and security online for older adults.

She has presented her research at venues around the country and internationally as well as consulted technology companies in the design of new devices for seniors. Galina has several publications including a paper on the Differences in Perceived Impact of Person-Centered Technology on Older Adults’ Quality of Life as well as co-writing a white paper on The Power of Language to Create Culture. Galina is passionate about undergraduate student development and is continuously mentoring students through her work with the McNair Scholars program, Freshman seminars and Introduction to Honors University. Galina is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria and resides in Ellicott City with her husband Frederick and daughter Amelia.

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