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6th Annual Memory Care Summit

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January 24 – 26, 2018
Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Registration is open! [Go to registration page]


[ih-maj-in] (verb): 1. to form a mental image of (something not actually present to the senses) 2. to think, believe, or fancy.

IMAGINE how memory care could look in the future.

“We see with the eyes but we see with the brain as well. And seeing with the brain is often called imagination.” – Oliver Sachs

The Erickson School has joined with the Disney Institute to create a unique experience for you and your colleagues that will stimulate your imagination, present insights from experienced leaders, and provide practical, evidence based, state of the art knowledge to inspire you and transform your thinking about memory care.

Be part of this uniquely interactive and thought provoking event from January 24 – 26, 2018 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

Join us to…
  • IMAGINE the advantage of Disney’s approach to Leadership Excellence
  • IMAGINE if someone gave you a billion dollars to invest in memory care
  • IMAGINE the leadership lessons learned from failure

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NOTE: The agenda is subject to change. Please check back for updates. Last update: 9/8/2017, 3pm

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