Meg LaPorteMeg LaPorte MA ’14, recently was hired by the National Center for Assisted Living as a Senior Policy Analyst.

“As a Senior Policy Analyst, I will be responsible for tracking and analyzing legislation and regulations related to Medicaid, Medicare, the ACA, disaster preparedness, life safety, and other issues that affect assisted living providers. I will be responsible for compiling an annual review and analysis of state assisted living regulations. I will also be an advocate on the Hill and via regulatory agencies for assisted living providers as they seek to improve lives by delivering solutions for quality care.

Were it not for the UMBC master’s program, I am certain that this job would not have been on my radar. Dean Ronch and the other faculty at UMBC Aging helped me to gain the mastery I needed to reach a new level in this field we all love.”
Meg LaPorte
Senior Policy Analyst, American Health Care Association
Erickson M.A. 2014


Casey Cooper“I can honestly say that The Erickson School Master’s Program has helped me to grow both personally and professionally. What I love about the program is how it teaches you to both think and see things differently; in other words how can we make the aging experience more enjoyable and comfortable for seniors. In the beginning I was a little nervous because I did not have a lot of background in the aging field. However, the Erickson School staff as well as my colleagues truly stepped in and helped me. I see the value of having this degree more now than ever before, and I know that the knowledge and skills that I have obtained will take me very far in my professional career.”
Casey Cooper
Erickson M.A. 2012


Renee Reynolds“I entered the graduate program at the Erickson School with my Bachelors degree in Management of Aging Services (MAgS). I was pleased to learn that the curriculum offered in the MAgS Masters degree was the perfect complement to its undergraduate program. I emerged from the Erickson School with a valuable business education that has delivered immediate respect from industry leaders reviewing my resume. I am currently deciding between three job opportunities and expect to maintain lifelong connections with my fellow Masters students and faculty. Looking back, attending the Erickson School has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.”
Renee Reynolds
Erickson M.A. 2012



James Taylor“The Management of Aging Services graduate program goes above and beyond the MBA degree. My perspective, having participated in both MAgS and MBA graduate programs, is that the MAgS program provides specific knowledge and expertise about aging services that you can’t get anywhere else.
In addition, the MAgS program enables me to lead more effectively and provide my company with unique perspectives and advantages in the marketplace … it’s a one-of-a-kind graduate program experience that I recommend to my team and others that are looking for an edge that makes a difference.”
James Taylor
Division President – Health Care, Sodexo
Erickson M.A. 2011


Joel Anderson“The Erickson School was much more than a high-standard educational experience — it changed my career path as well. Due to the Erickson School’s great reputation and social network within the field of Aging Services, I found the right fit for an employer. As the Director of Financial Services for Cypress Cove at HealthPark Florida, I continue to grow professionally as I implement the applications and tools gained from my education that made learning fun and impactful in the lives of elders we serve.”
Joel L. Anderson
Vice President of Financial Services, Lee Healthcare Resources
Acting Executive Director, Cypress Cove
Erickson M.A. 2011



Richard Compton“As CEO of a leading continuing care retirement community, I see firsthand how older Americans  are shifting the landscape of society as we know it. In the Erickson School graduate program I learned how to address the needs of America’s aging population in new and different ways. This focus on seniors is transformational—and exciting.”
Richard Compton
CEO, Broadmead Retirement Community
Erickson M.A. 2008



Jennifer Holz“As a direct result of the MAgS program, my direct supervisors are benefiting from my ability to operate as a skilled leader as I create partnerships and alliances within AARP. I’m now better able to think outside the box for creative solutions that lead to sustainable, positive change within the communities we serve.” 
Jennifer Holz
Program Assistant, AARP
Erickson M.A. 2008



Marge Mulcare“The MAgS program exposed me to so much, on so many different levels. I learned things like organizational management, statistics and trends, and policy issues that affect the entire aging population. Every day I’m using what I learned to influence decision makers. ” 
Marge Mulcare
Review Coordinator, Maryland Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene
Erickson M.A. 2008



Jonathan May“Erickson faculty are real-world leaders and policy makers. They have a great way of bringing information to life. Erickson faculty make the classroom a dynamic place where students view themselves as part of a team.”
Jonathan May, Attorney and Partner
Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLC
Erickson M.A. 2008